MoneyTrackin, S.L. (hereinafter, MoneyTrackin) is a company established under the laws of Spain with registration number 2543, filed with the Madrid Public Registry in File No. 23436, folio no. 100, Page M-420349, record 1st.

MoneyTrackin is the owner of the domain name and has developed an online tool by which any person (hereinafter, the User) may easily, simply and without charge, control their income and expenditures, manage efficiently their budget and enjoy an effective and clear picture of their financial situation at any time and in any place where they have Internet access.

MoneyTrackin considers it essential to maintain the confidentiality and security of the personal data of Users and visitors to its Website (hereinafter, the “Users”) wherever they may be. MoneyTrackin has therefore drafted, approved and published this Privacy and Data Protection Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) on its Web site.

This Policy is a beta version and is under test, and we at MoneyTrackin therefore ask our Users, to help us to continue improving this Policy and to ensure that it covers all your expectations and needs, by emailing us with any problems or suggestions to

One.- This Policy shall apply when Users complete any forms in that involve providing personal data, and will only relate to the way that MoneyTrackin assures the privacy of the personal data of Users.

On the contrary, the Policy will not be applicable to any other company or the web sites of any other company, including any website that Users may access through Therefore, if a User discloses personal information to any other companies, such information will be subject to the privacy policies of such other companies, and not this Policy.

Two.- MoneyTrackin guarantees that it will at all times fully comply with its obligations under Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December relating to the protection of Personal Data, Royal Decree 994/1999 which approves the Regulations for Security Measures relating to computer files containing personal data and all other relevant regulations. Likewise, MoneyTrackin complies with all the confidentiality undertakings arising from its business.

Three.- The personal data that Users provide to MoneyTrackin will be included in a computer file called “CLIENTS FILE (FICHERO CLIENTES)” which has been notified to the Data Protection Agency. MoneyTrackin is the entity that owns and is responsible for this file, and the purposes for which this file will be used shall include but not be limited to: facilitating access to the contents of our Website; management purposes required to enable the company to offer services via our Website; carrying out statistical analysis; offering, providing, managing, administering, expanding and improving the services and/or content offered on our Website; advising Users at any time about any innovations or changes made to its application or services; enabling us to correctly identify its Users; researching and analyzing the use of its services by Users; managing activity and maintenance on the Website, etc.

Four.- The personal data requested by MoneyTrackin is appropriate, sufficient and non-excessive in relation to the scope, objectives and specific, legitimate services provided by MoneyTrackin.

MoneyTrackin may use such data for the purposes of sending commercial information or information of any other type that it considers to be of interest to the owners of such data, in accordance with regulations in force for the handling and use of such data.

MoneyTrackin will not sell or transfer the personal data of any Users to any third parties or individuals without the prior consent of the User in respect of each form that has been completed or as required by law. The Users nevertheless agree and give their consent to MoneyTrackin to share their personal data with other entities that the company works with and/or maintains a strategic relationship, and such entities will themselves have to protect such User information that is classified as confidential in accordance with this Policy.

Five.- When requesting Users to complete forms for registering and accessing the services and/or content offered on the Website, MoneyTrackin will use visual warnings to advise Users as to (a) which items of information they are obliged to provide and which are optional (for example using pop ups, placing symbols or asterisks next to the information requested any other similar method) and (b) the requirement to accept the General Conditions for Use of the MoneyTrackin Service and Website.

The User will at all times be responsible for the accuracy of all data provided at the time of registering for the Service or the MoneyTrackin Website, and in the event that any User provides any information that is false, MoneyTrackin reserves the right to exclude any such User from accessing the Service or its Website, and to take any other measures available to it under the Law against any such User.

Six.- Without prejudice to the foregoing, the User must notify MoneyTrackin in writing of any change in its personal data by email to, by fax to +34 91 291 76 88, by fax office or by post addressed to the registered office of MoneyTrackin (Avenida de Bruselas 7-3ª planta, 28108 Alcobendas - Madrid). MoneyTrackin shall not be responsible for any failure in such communication used by Users in relation to their personal data.

Without prejudice to the previous paragraph, the Users may modify their personal data on line at any time.

Seven.- By means of this Policy, MoneyTrackin advises that any refusal by the User to provide the requested personal data, or failure to communicate them accurately and completely, may result in the Service that they receive being unfit for purpose or inadequate, or in them being denied access to the Service and/or content.

Eight.- The Users have and may exercise the right to access, cancel, correct or challenge their personal data in writing to MONEYTRACKIN, S.L. by email to stating in the subject line of the email the right that it wishes to exercise, or by fax, by fax office or by post to MONEYTRACKIN, S.L.- Avenida de Bruselas, 7 3º planta, 28108 Alcobendas (MADRID). Such communication must state clearly and explicitly which right the User wishes to exercise, and for the purposes of identification must include the user name provided by MoneyTrackin and the password chosen by the User when registering for the Service or a photocopy of their National Identity Document or similar current document with the communication.

Nine.- MoneyTrackin has adopted, and will in the future adopt, any technical, physical and/or organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of personal data, in order to avoid them being changed, processed, lost or subject to unauthorized access, having regard to MoneyTrackin’s technical resources and realistic possibilities and subject to Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11th June which approves the Regulations for Security Measures relating to computer files containing personal data.

The Users may also help MoneyTrackin to protect the privacy of its personal data by using caution when navigating the Internet (for example by frequently changing user name and password, using random combinations of letters and numbers, using a secure web navigator, etc.).

Ten.- In accordance with Law 34/2002 of 11th June governing Companies providing Information and Electronic Commerce Services, MoneyTrackin may not under any circumstances send to Users any publicity or communications involving selling or any other commercial activities, or any chain emails, without having first been requested or authorized to do so by the User.

Pursuant to this Policy, MoneyTrackin advises Users that they may stop receiving this type of message by following the instructions provided in each case or by communicating their request by email to or by post to MoneyTrackin’s registered office (Avenida de Bruselas 7-3ª planta, 28108 Alcobendas - Madrid).

Eleven.- MoneyTrackin may in the future offer additional services which may be subject to different Privacy and Data Protection policies. Users of each service must therefore read the policy applicable to each service at the time of access.

Twelve.- MoneyTrackin may amend this Policy as required to reflect any regulatory or legal requirements or as required to adapt the Policy to meet the requirements of the Spanish Data Protection Agency from time to time.

Any amendments to this Policy will be advised the next time the User logs on and the User will have the opportunity to cancel its MoneyTrackin service he or she does not agree with the amendments made. MoneyTrackin therefore advises Users and visitors to its Website to read the Policy carefully on a regular basis.

Thirteen.- Any User who does not agree with the amendments made to the Policy or believes that the terms of this Policy may affect their rights, has the right to cancel their contract with MoneyTrackin and cease using the Service.

In such circumstances, the User must communicate their wish in writing to MoneyTrackin by email to with the word Unsubscribe in the subject line, by fax office or by post to the registered office of MoneyTrackin (Avenida de Bruselas 7-3ª planta, 28108 Alcobendas - Madrid). Such communication must state clearly and explicitly the reasons why the User wishes to cancel the Service, and for identification purposes must include the user name provided by MoneyTrackin and the password chosen by the User when registering for the Service or a photocopy of their National Identity Document or similar current document with the communication.

MoneyTrackin hereby advises its Users that it may take approximately 10 (ten) days to cancel the service.