Which Fuel to use.

Well there are a lot of options as far as fuel in the U.S. and a lot more options for what additives or detergents. This can become rather confusing, cut some of them are beneficial. Most are just a chemical additive that when burned with your fuel help clean deposits off your moving parts.

Come to find out, some vehicle manufactures have very stern warnings about these additives. Ford is the most extreme case I've seen- Sinclair/Stinker gas has their own additive which will cause most ford models to Vapor-Lock. Now this is rather expensive to have fixed, mostly because it fouls the seals in your engine. Note, this occurs more frequently in newer models than older models. We shelled out over $800.00USD to have our family van repaired. Not quite worth the .83 cents we saved on that tank of gas.
Procrastination Takes Time.
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