Too Many Minutes?

Too many minutes and you’re wasting money. Too few and the overages can send your cell-phone bill into the stratosphere. On average, according to the consumer research firm J.D. Power & Associates, cell-phone subscribers use only 64 percent of the minutes they pay for. If you’re still under contract, call your cell-phone company and ask it to analyze your usage. You may find that buying fewer monthly minutes but, say, getting unlimited evening and weekend minutes may work better than a more expensive plan — and you won’t pay a termination fee of $100 or more. If your contract is up and you’re thinking about switching carriers, shop for the best plan on Analyze special offers carefully. Cingular’s rollover minutes roll over for only one month, and Sprint’s Fair & Flexible plan isn’t all that flexible: If you go over by even one minute, you have to buy a $5 block of 50 minutes.
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