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Set up a home on the cheap

- The local tip keeps anything saleable and they now sell them through special recycling centres. Check your council's pages to see your closest one (it might be next to the tip if you're lucky!). Very, very cheap goods e.g. £1 for a sturdy big wicker log basket.
- Cutlery, plates and so on is super cheap in charity shops, and after a good clean is good as new. Pretend they're proper antiques!
- Beg and borrow from everyone you know.
- - people are quite literally giving things away, but be warned, you have to be double-quick - phone instantly. I saw a boat advertised once! Sofas, toys, even whole kitchens can be had and you can request as well as offer things.
- Use USwitch and other comparison websites, but be careful about switching because the bills can become a right headache (these massive companies often lose track of what's going on. Way more often than they should!).
- Make stuff. Flowerpots? Use tin cans (check out Jamie Oliver's latest book for how cute this can look). Cheap canvases and a bit of imagination (or your kids' fingers) and you've got some art.
- Larger charity shops have bargain furniture - £25 for a leather recliner that just needs a clean? Thank you…
- Pound shops. Ahhh, need I say more.
- Sign up. Lidl and Aldi both have email newsletters which will tell you what the latest bargains are, and what their 'tat' bins are filled with this week. Also, make sure you take advantage of Aldi's weekly promos, but watch out - sometimes things are the same price as usual, but lumped with the real deals.
- Cleaning. Google around to get some recipies to use vinegar etc. to clean your house. Cheaper and way better for the environment.
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#1     This has alot of pontienal in it work obit a little
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