Saving on luxury purchases

Hey y'all; as a grad student in an expensive East Coast city, I often envy the ability of those with steady income to buy certain status toys, like iPods or cell phones, without batting an eye.

While we shouldn't encourage each other to try and live beyond our means, there is a way to bring the prices of things we usually can't afford back down to earth. You have to simply take advantage of the tools of the marketplace to get them. Here are a few examples:

Electronics - I was able to buy an AT&T Tilt touch-screen phone with full keyboard for $24.99 w/a contract extension. I would have paid $399.99 up-front at the AT&T store for the same; retail price is $549.99. Bargain of my life.

Clothes - Filene's Basement/Loehmann's - In January, I bought a tan casual sport-coat at Filene's for $45 that regularly runs $250. You get great whole-sale discounts at either of these stores. For suits, believe it or not, you might want to shop at Target (I know...I know...). At first, I wrote the Target-brand Merona suits off when I saw them on the rack; I then unwittingly complimented a co-workers pinstriped suit the next day, only to find out that it was the same suit from Target! Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a $400 Jones New York from Men's Wearhouse and a $100 Merona from Target.

**Non-luxury item tip**

Groceries - Safeway w/Club Card. I've had a club card at Safeway since I was 17; I have saved up to 25-30% on normal grocery bills with the card. Safeway itself is not a discount place, but you can turn it into one with clever shopping. The bonus: doesn't require coupons.
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#1     Great advice :-)

I buy all of my electronics on eBay and most of my clothes at wouldn't believe the compliments I get and how shocked people are when I tell them where I've bought my clothes!

Posted on 24-09-2008 01:42

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