Lowering the Electric Bill.

Many items use more electricity than you would expect. They even suck down electricity when they are turned off. If there is a device which you aren't going to use for more than a few days, try unplugging it.

If you do this everywhere you can it will make a noticable difference in your electric bill. Doing this and turning my thermostat up to almost 80 during the day when I am at work (I am an Air Conditioning freak, I need it to be 69 degrees at all times) have saved me over $100/mo on my ridiculous electric bill!
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#1     Agreed. A lot of surge protectors (if not all nowadays) have the power switch on them ... flip the switch to the OFF position before you leave the house to eliminate vampire energy! (awesome.goodmagazine.com/transparency/008/trans008vampireenergy.html)

According to the NY Times (06/14/07), the Department Of Energy estimates that in the average home, 40% of all power used to power electronic products in homes is used when the electronics are "powered off" ... that 40% is reflected in your utility bills!

Even if you don't directly notice a significant impact on your wallet, if millions did this collectively it would ultimately prove to be beneficial for the years to come. Why let your hard earned money go to the utility company instead of staying where it belongs? .. your wallet!
Posted on 28-10-2008 23:58
#2     Nice tip! We should get rid of all these _blood_ _sucking_ energy!
Posted on 31-10-2008 17:42

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