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There are a lot of games available from your phone provider at some pretty cheap prices. But as most have found, those little games and tones can add up pretty fast. has a huge listing of games that are free. Hundreds of puzzle action and trivia games. The only catch to the whole deal is that they download Advertisements and you look at two banner ads before the game will load.

So this is a cool option if you have an unlimited data plan. I have about 15 games on my phone that I didn't spend close to US$100.00 for. And I have checked the size, the game download includes initial advertisements so it replaces those each time it updates, so no worries of it taking up needed space.

Also, when I was out of service area out in the mountains, it couldn't download new advertisements and just defaulted to the first ones. So if you don't have an unlimited data plan, they may still work and just show you the same ads over and over.
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