Credit Vs. Debit Save Yourself the hassel.

How many of you have a single Debit/Credit/Atm Card? Have you ever wondered what difference it makes when you run it as either Credit or Debit? Well - Not much, Credit will normally take longer(normally until midnight) to post on your account. Debit will take from your account immediately depending on the POS method.
Apart from that.......not much of a difference right?..Well close... See when you run something as Debit it checks to see that the money is in fact there before pulling the amount. Some Credit lines will allow you to overspend without checking if the amount is there.
Also, if you run the card as Credit or Debit, the business will normally just swipe your card and Credit your card back the full purchase amount. Easy as cake right? Well if you ran your Card as Credit it can take up to 24 hours for that credit to appear. If you ran the card as Debit, it can take 3-5 business days from the credit to appear in your account.

So keep this in mind the next time your swipe your card. Remember, for a Debit transaction- You may request a cash refund, as it is the same as writing a check. With a Credit transaction they will only credit the account back the amount.

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