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Cinema Savings

Cineworld cinemas have an Unlimited Attendance ticket that costs £12 per month for any Cineworld cinema in the UK (extra for inner city london)
If you are a film lover this can save you money. If you usually go to the cinema at least twice a month you are instantly making savings.
The way this ticket has saved me the most money is preventing me from doing other things due to boredom as I can just have a night out at the flicks for £0.

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#1     Wow, this is really a very useful tip!

I wish there were something like that here in Spain 8-D
Posted on 24-01-2008 16:18
#2     You know how much I would save with something like that here?......*starts letter to Edwards Cinemas*
That's almost worth moving for with how many movies I see per month...
Procrastination Takes Time.
Posted on 25-01-2008 03:21

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