Value Lunches - A Meal in a box, but is it a value?

There is an entire isle of the grocery store dedicated to the vast supply of meals in minutes. Frozen, Fresh, Cold, Vacuum Sealed, and the list just goes on and on. You can pickup a meal for as little as a buck a meal, and on up to almost eight bucks. Well that's a good deal but if you stuck with the cheap end you'd be having some issues with nutrition and if you go with the costly ones you're killing your budget and your arteries.

If you check your deli counter you can normally find fresh sliced meats for $3-$5 for a pound of meat. Buy some hoagie rolls for cheap in six packs. Pickup a bulk pack of chips for $5, And you have a weeks worth of meals for under $20. Not only will you save on costs, but you will be eating healthier than any processed, boxed food could ever be.

You can buy alot of fresh foods cheaper in bulk and portion them out over the week to save money. I know people who buy a ceasar salad every day from the store. That's 3-5 bucks regardless. Well you can buy bagged romaine lettuce and mixed veggies and a bottle of dressing for less than 3 days worth of buying them at the store.

Saving costs is only one benefit though- by making your own portions you can waste less each day, and you're not adding a boxed meal to the landfill each day. You can even pick your own snacks and drinks!
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