Save money by buying gas on the right day

I read recently in an article that gas is cheapest on Tuesdays. This is supposed to be true for most of Europe - checked it out for a while and in Croatia is really is cheapest on Tuesday.

Take some time to check the gas prices at your station over the course of a few weeks and make one day your cheap gas day :)
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#1     I'll keep that in mind, thanks!
Tiffany N. Brown
Написано в 02-02-2009 00:19
#2     I wouldnt say that in the UK,after the recent price drops the price is pretty much set, and goes up a pence every now and then. Garages dont just change the fuel price everyday.
Написано в 13-03-2009 06:11
#3     After working in two petrol stations and family that also work in others, most of the checks are done at the beginning of the week. i used to run also a local petrol station price website consisting of up to 19 forecourts, and found that where Tuesdays were the day people stated that it was cheapest, but the day when many petrol stations would change price after collecting their competitors prices on the monday, start of the week. if fuel prices are going up, then Monday will therefore be a cheaper day than Tuesday.
Написано в 18-02-2010 04:02

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