McDonald's Savings

Dollar menu, 'nuff said.

Large Sweet Tea $1
Small Fry $1
McChicken or McDouble $1
This combination will fill anyone up as much as is needed. Anything else is just out of control.
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#1     And with all their drinks no matter what size being a dollar, everyone can do this! Sometimes you have to go through fast food!
Написано в 03-04-2013 17:58
#2     I agree. I only buy from the $1.00 menu and it fills me up.
Sunshine Santiago
Написано в 15-05-2013 00:17
#3     I want to see how much money you have to invest later in your health and obesity problems. I don't think McDonald's low prices are that great. It's a complete menu, yes, but look at the consequences. It's not healthy food, just junk full of fat!
Написано в 17-10-2013 01:23

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