How to use data for analytics

I have created a set of tags that allow me to then interrogate data using tools such as excel or access. I wanted "multi layer" tagging (i.e. tag something as Income + Salary or Income + Interest). When Exporting data for analysis, the system downloads tags in alphabetical order, making analysis very difficult. Therefore, I have had to start all top level tags as "a-tagname" to ensure that they sort first. I would love the system to have categorisation rather than tagging, but with this technique I can get away with it.

This would be made much easier if the download report worked as it would download all items in my base currency. However, this report appears to have a transaction limit, meaning that it only works for short time periods, small numbers of accounts, or a combination. It creates unreadable content for Excel if the number of transactions is too large.

Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated as it would make the system significantly more powerful.
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