How to save on food

When you go shopping for food:
Do take coupons.
Do make a list.
Don't go hungry or tired.
Go alone, unless the other person will really help.
Look at the sale flyer of the grocery store.
Plan ahead meals so you can buy everything in one trip.
Try to go when it's not so crowded.
Don't give in to impulse buying.
Buy the amount you need.
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#1     The best way ever: Eat at home :-)
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#2     Go one or two hours before closing. They often have reduced items, the ones with the yellow stickers. Use up all the food you have before buying more.
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#3     like my friend benito always said, you can spend money on good food or doctors bills,,,you decide!

don't cheap out on good food, buy good quality food, eat less meat, more veggies, nuts, seeds..... less white pasta, bread, fried foods... you'll lose weight too!

we want to have good food to eat, clean air to breath and water than is not dead and filled with chlorine and fluoride and other stuff.

I guess we save because we eat more good food, vegie dishes which are more healthy and cost less than meet or fish.
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