The nightly Wind Down.

What do you do to unwind? Kill a few beers or go have a massage? Reading a book at your favorite coffee shop(double latte on the side)? Or is your idea of an unwinding evening driving around for a bit singing at the top of your lungs to just let it all out?

Stress take a heavy toll on the body, and most people don't take the time to notice it's effects. "I must have slept wrong last night" "I think I need to start eating breakfast" "Boy that coffee just went right through me" Any of those ring a bell?

You could be paying a heavier price for your 'relaxing' than you may realize.

Many beers/wines involve your liver working long hours to get through the mix. This can leave you feeling stiff and sore around most of your lymph nodes(shoulders groin abs knees) and dehydrates you.

Sitting in the bookshop drinking a coffee is very soothing, but your pounding an upper while trying to sit still to read....umm...that's a bit like redbull and vodka right? Well long story short, shaking twitching, restlessness and the dreaded crash doesn't make for the most productive evening routine.

Now driving around to de-stress is great I have to say but man does that cost a pretty penny these days. So all in all no bad for you but not good on the pocket.

There's a few things like yoga, and meditation that are far better at actually relaxing the body rather then just resting it and often times these can be done free at home, and there's no end to the good things a tall glass of water will do for relaxing you.

Just some thoughts to keep in mind when you need to unwind.
Procrastination Takes Time.
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#1     Reading your post I was reminded of how in many places, people take "evening strolls" to unwind. I remember someone saying they were taking thier "evening consitutional" in reference to this. I find this an interesting phrase but I think that some quiet time out in nature is one of the best ways to destress. Take a water bottle from home and it is a free event too.
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