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The sell by date on food is only a limit if you are immune deficient, elderly or young its only a rough guide and is used so that companies have no chance of getting sued. Use your own judgement, use your eyes and nose. Too much food is thrown away. And if it is off compost or buy a wormery. Dogs have pretty strong stomaches too. Also don't buy so much food.
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#1     I agree 100% it's only a guide and in the Uk there are, sell buy, use buy and a best before. After the sell buy date the shop must remove from shelf but is still usually eatable. Use buy is when they recommend you should bin but there is a few days before its BAD. Best Before like the rest is just what it says, the product is at its best before this date but does not mean you can't eat it! You will know anyhow if its not right just be sensible in my experience 1 or 2 days over the date has never caused me any trouble and many a time even rescued me from a night with no food to a very enjoyable meal.
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