How to save petrol money.

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This is relatively simple. Sell your car! You will gain money from the sale, AND remove the constant need to fill your car up with petrol.
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#1     ridiculous!

Postado em 27-05-2011 16:10
#2     ok, and then how do i get to work?
Postado em 09-09-2011 15:32
#3     Public transportation!
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#4     Perhaps practical advice for those that live in walking distance of work or have a reliable and accessible public transportation system. A car is just about a necessity these days. Want to save on gas?

Try these 3 simple tips:

1. Walk when and where you can. Leave the car in the garage or driveway when possible. Be reasonable, but don't rationalize decisions because you are lazy.

2. If you have a car that gets poor mileage per gallon, trade it in for one that is more fuel efficient.

3. Have a job? Talk to a few buddies at work and see if they are interested in car pooling. Doing so can greatly reduce your weekly fuel expenses.
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#5     Some sensible tips could be:
1. Use a shortage distance to travel.
2. Use a traffic free way to travel, so as yu dont have to shift gears now & then that would save a lot.
3. Try not to use vehicle for which you can walk.
4. keep an eye on your vehicle maintainance & do it periodically.
5. Do more & more car pooling as suggested above.
6. Use good quality of engine oil.
7. Buy a bicycle for short distance.
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