Reduce grocery expense by eating more beans.

I love to cook up beans from dry beans and freeze them to add in to casseroles, other soups etc. It bulks out the meal and reduces meat consumption. Canned beans are cheaper than meat but I find that making them myself is less expensive as well and they taste better.

I soak the beans overnight, typically when I fix dinner Friday night. Then Saturday while I am cleaning up the kitchen I cook them on the stove top.

I try to remember to cut up celery, onions and carrots when they are starting to get less cruncy for raw consumption and store in the freezer. Then I add them to the cooking pot with the beans. (If I have any celery leaves I add them but only if they are fresh.)

When the beans are done cooking, I take 3/4th of them out and store them in 1 cup amounts in zip lock bags. To the 1/4 left, I keep them in the liquid but remove the now overcooked veggies. I cut up half an onion and saute it with some garlic to soften then add it to the beans and eat it as a soup. Or I store the left over liquid and beans for a start to a bean soup one day during the week. (I prefer some bacon in my bean soup if available, and I also like to cut up a tomatoe and add it if available. If not, half a can of canned tomatoes work but these are clearly not essential.)

Reminder: I didn't mention salt above. I personally don't add salt when I cook the beans. I heard it "toughens them" but I have never tested that idea. I season while it is cooking with salt free Mrs. Dash and pepper.

For the soup, I always add some cumen and sometimes also some chili powder.
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