How to reduce grocery expenses: make bean soup in bulk

Make a good bean soup in large quantities.

Make sure you use good, fresh ingredients and the payoff will be that it will taste good even if you eat it 5 times or more per week.

The bean soup I buy is available online and makes 6 servings (a complete meal) for about $1 US per meal.

It's so nice coming home and dinner consists of re-heating delicious soup already prepared and waiting in the fridge. A little parmesan and perhaps some crackers. Mmmmmmm.
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#1     Totally agree! Haven't always been into soup but my outlook sure has been changing and for some reason I even love it now since my wife put us on a soup regime.
Opublikowane dnia 27-10-2010 06:04
#2     I have a better idea, how about running off to the nearest grassy field and taking some bites of delicious green grass, it's natural and healthy too! No?

Opublikowane dnia 27-05-2011 17:51

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