How to create investment account?

Acemoney has the options to create stock investment account which pulls also the price feed from other portals such as yahoo or google finance - is there something similar here?
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#1     I do it as a main account but i dont think it pulls out from anywhere :-)
Opublikowane dnia 31-07-2009 18:42
#2     Thanks :-) yeah but it is a bit hard to see how that account grow along with the market but the important thing it doesnt really allow for ease of data entry like quantity price bought etc. How do you show the profit and loss of the investment using the main account?
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#3     Actually I have

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Investments (main account)

the main account is Plus, but for exaple Proj 1 and Proj 2 are minus

so i know how much i invested on all my projects..

but there is also TAGS idea that you might wanna try to use
Opublikowane dnia 30-08-2009 19:04

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