Symptoms of your indoor home pet bitten by a spider (BLACK WIDOW)

If your cat or dog is bitten by a black widow spider,
You will notice the fur round about them looks
different .the hair will look wet as if bathed or washed kind of
a still damp look about them ,if this is the case or your not quite sure but notice this wet look with their fur . RUSH them to an emergency animal
Clinic ,what happens after about 24 hrs the hinde or back leggs
will start to paralyze ,dragging feet then hips and then entire rear end side .the hospital will have to give a blood transfusion immediately
If its not too late .From experience my cat was bitten playing with one
at the time didnt know what it was and he died.a
year later another of my cats was bitten by a black widow spider this time we found
Larry J Cisneros
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