Save money on food.

-Buy most of your food in shops, don't go to restaurants, fast foods or any places like that unless some rare occasions. Bring your own food at work or to school when possible (microwave food).

-When buying food, find the limit between quality and price that is best for you. For example I know that I need good quality orange juice in the morning but that I don't care what kind of steak do I eat. So I will buy expensive orange juice, and bad quality steak.

-Don't throw food out, always try to save all the food you can. But don't get sick either, stomach treatment will cost you more than food saved.
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#1     Good idea I would also like to suggest ordering smaller amounts of food because you can always order more not the other way around
Shawn T Kelly
Geplaatst op 17-11-2008 21:27
#2     this guy is amazing, the best thing he said was, "don't get sick either, stomach treatment will cost you more than food saved." WOW, If i could just never get sick i could save so much money!
Geplaatst op 21-11-2008 17:22
#3     microwave food will very soon put you in a position for stomach treatment
Geplaatst op 23-12-2008 09:05
#4     i don't know about other places but around here wal-mart and tom thumb sell sandwiches at the deli for relitivally cheap and they are rather larger. You can do that and get water for around 3 to 4 dollars.
Geplaatst op 25-05-2009 18:22
#5     More like home made food you can later heat up in the micro :-)
Geplaatst op 19-10-2012 06:51

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