Gas savings

If you try to time your gas fill ups to the gas prices you will have a harder time. I always put $20 in my tank no matter the price of gas. Then when the price drops ridiculously low I fill the tank.
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#1     Gas up in the mornings, because the colder the temp the more dense it is, and always keep the tank half full when you fill up. Gas vaporizes in the tank the more available space there is, so colder gas in a full tank will make efficient use of it.
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#2     The notion of filling up your tank in the morning has been discussed amid much heated debate and at best is inefficient. While given this may be an accurate though not extensive method to save money on gas in colder climates there is lots of educated and uneducated debate on the benefits of a rigid schedule.

Best estimates I have seen are right from snopes.
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