Clean your Life and pad your wallet

See all that stuff around your home that you never use. I know, someday it could come in handy and you've been saying that for what, 5 years now. You know the stuff I'm talking about. Well do yourself and your guests a favor by listing the stuff you never use for fire sale prices on craigslist. The object is to reduce the stuff you have to keep track of on a day to day basis. We'll leave that to the "hoarders." You my friend seek clarity and organization and that's why you're on this site. Set a goal to get rid of the a fore mentioned items by a certain date. After that date relist the items on craigslist under the "free stuff" category. I know it hurts, I know what it's worth, but guess doesn't matter because the clarity and peace of mind you seek is much more valuable than the solid oak cappuccino and cream dinette set you just gave away to a dude with a ripped shirt, mullet and rusted Ford Escort. Karma says he must be a nice person so be happy for the both of you.

Do it right now! I know you're looking at stuff right now that you know you never use. List it, set a deadline, get the cash or give it away. When you're done with that look for other things in your life you can get rid of like, friends, family members, clothes, equipment, accounts, profiles, etc.

In the long run you'll be more focused on the 80% of things in your life that you give attention to anyway. Those are the things that really matter to you and the other 20% are just a distraction.
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