You now can use moneytrackin even when offline using your mobile

We have just finished a small app that allows you to use moneytrackin even when you are offline. This app is called moneyconnect and it is available for iphone ( ) and android ( ).

All you have to do is user your username and password from moneytrackin the app will load your accounts and your balance. Then you can start add new transactions. Once you have internet connection to hit the sync button and all these transaction will be sent to your moneytrackin account and you can check them on the web site.

Simple and easy to use. You will never forget to enter new transactions and you will save even more!
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#1     Guys, I've tested the iphone version and loved it, good job!

One thing that I've missed is the possibility of navigating backwards to prior months. Will you guys implement this on future versions?
Moneytrackin' staff -
31-08-2012 17:54에 게시
#2     Great! After so many years, something new coming for Moneytrackin! I hope the web app will also get a revamp soon, it's about time.
Нэлсонь О. Апонтэ Бэсэрра
Nelson O. Aponte Becerra
Computer Sciences
11-09-2012 09:30에 게시

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