Use credit as an interest free loan and money saver!

This only works if you pay off the balance every month, otherwise you lose money paying interest.

Pick a reward card that works for you - maybe a 2% cash back, aeroplan mile or Airmiles (my program of choice) and make all of your day-to-day puchases on this card. This helps in two ways:

1. All of your day-to-day transactions are easier to analyze at month end because they are in one place.
2. You are accumulating all your effort to one reward system.

Using an Airmiles Mastercard combined with shopping at Safeway and Shell earns me $60/mo in gas certificates! That is one tank of gas a month that I don't pay for! =)
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#1     This sounds like a wonderful idea that I will look into! Who wouldn't love a free tank of gas a month!
02-08-2011 22:12에 게시
#2     Great idea!
Mrs. Jillian Brook
07-01-2012 08:09에 게시

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