Speeding costs

Drive the speed limit. Going faster doesn't get you to your destination significantly sooner, particularly if much of your route involves stoplights, and burns more gas.
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#1     Also you'll avoid some fines :-)
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31-01-2008 14:51에 게시
#2     use public transport :-) cars are for driving not for fuel economy :D

to track your gas expenses, use www.spritmonitor.de , its not so economical because you have to put full tank to get the most accurate and frequent results, but i dont like to drive around with an empty tank, so it fits me. check my car f.economy - www.spritmonitor.de/en/detail/189640.html
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#3     _Going_ _faster_ _doesn't_ _get_ _you_ _to_ _your_ _destination_ _significantly_ _sooner_ _..._
And with speed grows the possibility of you can't arrive to destination.
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#4     You burn more gas going faster as well, the best fuel economy for newer model cars is at 60mph speed limit is 65 in most states, but a lot of people do 75mph cause they are just in a hurry, but you're only going to save an average of 4 minutes drive time by doing 75mph anyhow. And every time you run up on someones bumper you have to brake pass accelerate and burn extra gas just to pass.
Procrastination Takes Time.
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#5     driving slower will not only reduce your gas usage but also reduce your heart rate
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#6     I drive like a little old lady, I get honked at on a regular basis. I do a little under the speed limit, and I tend to coast up to most stops so I don't make a complete stop going through stoplights. I always stop at a stopsign of course, but never stop less then a full car legnth to the next car ahead of me.

This may all seem a little much, but I get 306 miles on an 11 gallon tank in my 98 ford ranger. I never have to do a double take when I pass cops to see if they are flipping a U-turn to come pull me over for something because I know I'm the least of their worries. Does wonders for the nerves though, It does lower your heart rate to drive by the rules, but the benifits to being a fuel miser are substantial when gas is almost 4bux a gallon.
Procrastination Takes Time.
02-04-2008 19:58에 게시

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