Savings Gas

I saw an interesting piece of BBC's Top Gear. They had a Toyota Prius (hybrid car) chased by a BMW M3 (V8 gasoline car) around a race track at the fasted the Prius could do. In the end of the test they wanted to see which car used less gas. Amazingly the big BMW with a gas guzzling V8 got better gas milage than the hybrid Prius.

The moral of the story, its not what you drive but how you drive that determins gas consumption. If you drive your Prius like you're in a race, your not taking full advantage of its gas saving technology.

For those of us who can't afford the $25,000+ price tag to get a new "gas-saving" car, do what you can with the car you have now. Change your driving habits and actually do all of the "tips" we've heard (such as properly inflating your tires).

All of these little changes add up, hopefully in your wallet.
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