Saving with your Checking account.

When I write a check I always put it into the register. Good thing to do, but here's a way to pocket some extra change while doing so.

When I put in a transaction, say Gas $13.85, I'll add it in my register as $14.00 even. So in my running totals it is much easier to do running math, and some small change is always left behind as a buffer.

Sure .15 cents isn't much but it adds up. Over a year I had almost $65.00 worth of 'Spare Change' that I just bumped into my savings account.
Procrastination Takes Time.
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#1     I do the same thing but I also started to "pay myself" by writing in a smaller amount for deposits (such as my pay) than the actual amount. I am horrible at saving so my listing $150 less a paycheck as available funds puts the money out of sight. I keep looking at the total available in my savings account and it seems I find ways to spend it. But with the checking account, I keep reminding myself that I don't know what has cleared the bank so I should use my own figures not what is listed on the account.
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