Save Money Everywhere

Always shop around and do market research to get he best deal. The cheapest option may not necessarily be the best.

If you have your heart set on a particular item use for price comparison and browse new (not second hand) items on ebay, but please check sellers reputation and the billing and postal systems.

Always check and double check before you purchase!
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#1     If you want, could be a interesting opcion buying presents for Christmas on the internet.
Will be diferents posibilities: Ebay, Dealextreme (that it's free shipment arround the world),socialbid it's a kind of ONG that you bring your money for a project. For example, I want a T-shirt .... searching at socialbid, found a one interesting option and the payment goes to the ONG. It's a good point

Good tip rharwood.
19-11-2008 16:44에 게시
#2     Also if you want a particular item you can search ebay's auctions for example (or other similar sites). There if you are lucky and do your homework when the highest amount of bids are made on an item you can save on it. Off course you have to see the seller's reputation and feedback and then consider again to bid. And last check the shipping details and that you always select the cheapest shipping (to save some money) unless you really need the item right away.
Enjoy the moment as it is your last!
08-11-2011 21:12에 게시

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