rainy days

Every time you deposit money, earmark 10% for your rainy day fund. Ideally, put it in an account that is not connected to a debit card or checkbook.

10% will not be too noticeable or painful to save, but it will add up and provide peace of mind. If 10% is too hard, try 5%.
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#1     Sounds cool tip.
Thanks for sharing.
13-05-2008 21:14에 게시
#2     Thanks a lot im so gonna do so!
01-07-2008 15:17에 게시
#3     i put almost 50% of my saving to another acc
Mechanical Design Engineer
04-07-2008 07:30에 게시
#4     Nice tip. I plan to follow this. Thanks!
12-10-2008 05:50에 게시
#5     Nice tip. Consider it done! =]
16-07-2009 19:17에 게시
#6     I will try the 5% Thxs
Andres Silva Pereira
+569 77787107
28-07-2009 01:04에 게시
#7     Will have to try this!
01-04-2011 01:31에 게시

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