Park the car, legs were made for walking (or riding a bike)

I've found even with the temporarily lower gas prices you can still save a considerable ammount of money on gas by walking or riding a bike.

I'm fortunate enough to live roughly 7 miles from work, however; I've walked as far as 15 to work before. I drive a nice economical car that gets almost 32 miles to the gallon, however; even with that walking to work, or to other close locations I was saving roughly 60 to 80$ a month on gas when prices where high (it'd be more like 35 - 45$ on current prices)

You may also consider picking up a cheap bike and riding it to work, you'll find in city conditions in many cases commutes under 10 miles will be almost the same as driving your car so far as time. (both get stopped by lights as their setback and with a decent bike and in decent shape you can keep pretty close to pace with the traffic around you with inner city speed limits)

Plus you get the added bonus of it's good for you! I found waking up and drinking a glass of water immediately (8oz+) then riding my bike to work or walking actualy made for a far better day cause I'd get to enjoy the weather and scenery prior to work. (walking the 7 miles takes me about 30 minutes longer then biking or driving, which 30 minutes first thing in the morning has almost no impact on your daily routine)

So save money, get in shape, park the car, ride the bike! It'll save you money, and improve your health!
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#1     True, I bike 3 miles to work everyday and although traffic gets heady at 8 in the morn, its a great way to energize and get ready to tackle the day! (assuming that you dont get exhausted, ha)
Anand Viswanath
30-08-2009 01:47에 게시

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