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Manage your Tags

Hi All,

Here is the quick tip i would say regarding the tags.

Make a tag for each and different transaction.

The basic tags would be food,salary,travel,Clothing,Movie,Rent etc

And coming to some cases where you would need to have separate transactions like paying of your internet bill, phone recharge ,loan repayment...

When all the spendings are divided among the tags, there would be a quick glance on what item i have spend in the whole of the transactions and easy way of comparing between them from month to month...

Madan N
태그: tags
29-09-2007 06:55에 게시 | 3 댓글 | 좋아하는 글로 등록된 횟수: 0 | 부적절한 글로 등록된 횟수: 0


#1     Hi narramadan,

I am using this but I added more details eg. Transport Train vs Transport Bus to reflect greater details.

Gives me better idea, but problem I faced are that there are too many tags. I'm in the process of standardizing, but I may just use Transport_Bus next time.. That way, my tags are lesser and I can have summary of spending categories more clearly because now it replicates. eg. Transport shows total, Bus shows expenditure on bus transportation but they overlap.

Pls advise.
04-10-2007 10:06에 게시
#2     Quick question for both of you! How do you delete a tag. I've been looking around and I cant seem to figure out how. They stay in the tag list with $0.00 next to them. I started off too by adding way too many tags, so now I'm dropping them into bout 7 categories so I can really get a good sense of where my money is going! Any help would be greatly appreciated
Stat a.k.a Dee
Bout Dat Money Chase!
11-06-2008 16:18에 게시
#3     Me too!
I don´t know how deleat one TAG!
Giu Vicente
08-09-2008 18:52에 게시

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