How to reduce the food cost.

Pls mind - eat to live, and not live to eat.
(too famous quote ;-) )
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#1     My favorite way is to find where the grocery store puts there meat that is about to expire. Where I live they almost always put a big discount on those and when I get home if I don't use it by the date (Which is usually 2-4 days after I bought it) or I know that I won't use it by that date I freeze it and then just defrost it when I need it. Farmers markets are also great savings finds for fresh veggies and fruits. And for canned goods why not try a food salvage store where they send all the canned goods, that are still in date and perfectly fine to eat, its just that the cans are dented and the likes. I personally don't mind eating tuna out of a dented can. It tastes the sames and costs less!
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#2     As a culinarian, I must caution, that if you buy meat that is about to expire, you run the risk of food poisoning. Food poisoning can cost a lot more than the savings from the old meat. You run a higher risk if you buy this meat from companies that already buy cheap meat, such as WalMart.
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#3     In Yorkshire all I have to say is Home Bargains - an excellent shop with plenty of cheap food bargains to be had.
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