How to Really save money on Gas

I work a paper route in the early mornings and a gasoline distributor offered this advice to all the poor paperboys.

* Only buy gas in the early mornings or when it is Really, really cold. When it's hot and the ground has warmed up, the gasoline expands and therefore you're not exactly getting a gallon for a bajillion dollars, or however much it is now per gallon.

* NEVER pump gas when the gasoline truck is refilling the gasoline at the station. You'll get a ton of dirt and debris going into your tank and that's a no-no.

* See those various levels on the "gas gun" as I call it. You can set it to low, kinda fast, or "Im-in-a-hurry-fast." I know it's Chinese torture, but set the level to low when you pump gas. I forget why he told us to do this, but you get more for your buck.

And pray for alternative fuel sources!!!

- Brad
Brad Bingham
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#1     Great money saving ideas Brad....cheers
11-05-2008 20:38에 게시
#2     Sorry - I don't buy those tips, but check out this site if you are interested in fuel savings:
04-06-2008 04:20에 게시
#3     I've acually seen these tips via email fwding- I've abided by them; however I'm not sure I've noticed a difference in the amount I'm pumping when I pump in the morning rather then at night- Not that I don't think the gas doesn't expand, I just don't think it makes THAT much of a difference. But good tips! We need the little things due to the cruddy gas prices.
Katrina Balentine
21-06-2008 19:55에 게시
#4     Setting it low cause less vapors to go flying out the top of the tank. It's charging you by volume, which includes those vapors. So it's not like you're going to get a fuller tank out of the deal, you're just going to get what you pay for. ;) Well...most of it.
Procrastination Takes Time.
09-07-2008 18:26에 게시

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