How to lower health insurance costs

The way I attempt to lower my health insurance cost is to be as healthy as possible and then take the highest excess package. This lowers my monthly premium.
Here is how I stay healthy without being fanatic.
Stay withing the normal (20-25) BMI weight range and try to not make the weight go up or down too much or too fast.
I eat 2-3 apples per day - usually as breakfast.
I eat a salad for lunch 2-3 times per week.
I stay optimistic.
I try to be happy.
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#1     Good common-sense easy-to-execute points. I would add "do sports a few times a week".
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#2     The way you lower your health insurance cost is by making sure you are working with a professional whom understand how it works "in detail". Health insurance is not just about cost....its about value....which means you not only want to achieve a lowest possible total cost of ownership, you also need to ensure it works as expected when needed you need some help, check out

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