How to lower costs of clothe shopping.

Sign on to money saving websites which are totally free and send you an email with the latest discounts. Best only to sign onto one that has either many shop discounts or one that matches your preferred shops. If you sign on to many, it may make you spend more if you think you're getting a bargain. One should be enough. You can always un-subscribe if the emails are too much. :)
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#1     best place I found to shop... I am no fashion king of course, is phillips van husen their clothes are good quality, they last well, and they have 30-50% discounts all the time.. visit an outlet store to find them and also bass shoes , owed by the same company, was giving buy 1 pair of shoes and get 2 pair free... that means you can get 3 pair of dress shows, $75 dollar retail for 25 each.. its a great deal.
Fred at Fine Art Rings
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