How to avoid credit card late fees.

Tell them you haven't received a credit card statement in the mail. Object to being charged a late fee when you haven't received a bill. If you don't abuse they would usually remit the late charge.
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#1     It's a good idea, but unfortunately it rarely works. I work for a bank (not in the credit card area). There are so many options now for viewing and paying your bill that saying you didn't get the bill won't work (ie. you can view your account online, call over the phone, receive your statement in the mail or email). Even if a charge is refunded it does little to protect your credit rating with both them and other credit card companies when that information is shared that you missed a payment, you also cast a big shadow over yourself should you have a justified need for a fee refund.

Instead be proactive with your credit cards. Many major credit card companies now offer email alerts, etc. ...  » 모든 댓글 보기
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#2     Sign up for auto payment of the minimum and you will never be late (as long as you have money in the bank
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