High Interest Savings Accounts

Heres a quick summary of 'high' interest savings accounts offered by most Banks in Canada:

ICICI Bank: 4.5%
Achieva Financial: 4.35%
Outlook Financial: 4.35%
PC Financial Interest PLUS: 4.25% + annual bonus
E-Trade Cash Optimizer Account: 4.15%
HSBC: 4.05%
RBC High Interest eSavings: 4.00%
Altamira: 4.00%
Manulife Bank: 4.00%
Citizens Bank: 3.80%
ING Direct: 3.75% (3% USD)
as of August 31, 2007
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#1     Any way you could list Contact information? Most people don't realize they can establish accounts, even in different countries with a simple phone call and a transfer from your bank to the new one. For those kind of percentages....I just might set up a couple and change my direct deposits to all Canadian banks..

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