Hamburger meat in bulk ideas

I live alone and cook for just myself. I buy up to 3-4 pounds of hamburger about once a month or less. Then I have a cooking day where I make individual meatloaf "muffins" or mini loaf shapes. I cook them and have one that evening and then freeze the rest. Sometimes I make them into meat patties and freeze them uncooked. When I have precooked the patties, they don’t come out right.

I will also cut up one or more onions and cook the onions, hamburger and some garlic up until just done but not over cooked and freeze this into several portions in freezer bags. (Several smaller bags in a larger one works best to prevent freezer burn)

I use the loose cooked hamburger to make several different kinds of dishes. I can make small batches of these items or larger ones depending on how much I need.
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#1     meat spaghetti sauce: I brown some more onion and some garlic in a pan, add mushrooms and maybe zucchini, then add the meat sauce, oregano, rosemary and salt and pepper and sprinkle with parmesan.

"beef a roni" my own version not the box. I just take some broken pieces of spaghetti and brown them up and add some rice (left over sometimes), a can of tomatoes, seasonings (Worcestershire sauce and "steak" seasoning is my favorite blend). Let the rice and noodles cook in with the hamburger and tomatoes.

small batch chili: frozen beans I cooked myself (or canned beans) a can of tomatoes, the frozen meat and chili powder and cumin. I like thick chili personally so I heat...  » 모든 댓글 보기
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