Go Vegetarian!! Go to a Hare Krishna Restaraunt!!!

Vegetarianism is very healthy and inexpensive, both to your personal pocketbook as well as to the environment in general.

By doing it properly you will get all the nutrients, including protein, that you need, and more!!! (vitamin b12 pills are useful, cheap too:) The key point is replace expensive non-veg items in your diet with a good variety of inexpensive alternatives. Another tip is to stay focused on positives, and avoid preoccupation with what you're avoiding... but that's just common sense.

And for great tips on scrumptious vegetarian cooking, visit a local Hare Krishna restaurant (or website) and buy a paperback recipe book for a few dollars.

Excellent and delicious foods like halava, rice, dahl, vegetable sabjis and much much more are only a few minutes away with your little recipe book...
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