Few more tips on fuel saving

I get some wonderful fuel saving tips here, but these are a few more tips from me.

1. Pump fuel at night for less gas bubbles in gasoline/petrol or diesel. I was told that during the day, these gas bubbles exist in greater quantity and you're just pumping in more gas bubbles than the fuel. I've tried this and it's true. The fuel seems to last longer when I pump at night!

2. Pump in full for less vacant space in tank. The more vacant the space, the faster fuel evaporates. It is also recommended to pump in the tank full again once the tank is half full/empty.

3. Use fuel additives. Choose one that is not too costly but with a guaranteed result (I'm using AutoMax NFE). In a long term, you'll save more.
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#1     Interesting tips, I'm gonna have to try it out!
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