eat well for less : organisation is key

Planning ahead can save a lot over time, especially with food. It also gives you much better control over your health and therefore reduces future health care costs.
- always take water with you so you don't have to buy it
- make iced tea at home and decant into smaller (reused) bottles to take out
- if you drink coffee, make it at home
- make going out for a coffee a special, social occasion not just a caffeine fix - go with a friend, stay and talk awhile
- obviously, make your own lunch and snacks to take to work and on road trips, errands, etc. Don't forget the snacks - there's no use taking lunch and then ending up buying junk because you had the mid-afternoon energy slump
- in summer, have picnics instead of eating in restaurants - you can generally make better food cheaper than most restaurants and being outdoors is fun, healthy and free!
- use some of the money you save to eat out occasionally at a really GOOD restaurant - you'll enjoy it more than all that mediocre fare anyway.
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