Don't borrow any money

Although it might me nice to use a credit card to buy something, you're better off not to, because you need to pay interest over the borrowed amount.
Money which you could've used to buy something else.
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#1     Um, you don't need to pay interest if you pay your bill on time. Credit cards/loans are a fantastic way to build credit and to make even more money, but only if you are responsible and understand what you're doing.
21-02-2009 23:20에 게시
#2     In some countries credit cards don't 'build credit' unless you actually pay back some interest, but otherwise I agree, it's a nice way to get spending ineterest free for 58 days or so :-)
28-02-2009 14:50에 게시
#3     yeah i use my credit card for EVERYTHING, especially the card that give cash back even if it is 1% and that may seem small but they do add up, especially if you spend a lot. Which I do b/c I do all my shopping from food to home goods to anything and everything, even at donkin donuts but I DO PAY ALL MY BALANCE before THE DUE DATE. I make about 15 -20 bucks a month on cash back - it pays to DISCOVER :-)....good luck. But I am very much into where all my pennies are going, I have a excel sheet that i use to track all my spending and earnings and balance....i designed my own bank balance book using MS excel... and automated everyting... debit/credit etc...
jayeda khatun
05-03-2009 23:02에 게시
#4     when u use ur credit card, u should pay what u buy just to one u save the interest and u help your cash flow.
20-04-2009 18:19에 게시

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