Credit Cards Vs. Cash

Credit Cards can be more useful than cash...if you are responsible.

As long as you pay your balance off every month the appropriate credit card (miles; points) can actually reward you better than using pure cash.

Also i find it easier to track my expenses using credit cards than with cash.
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#1     agreed, i have a chase CC and earn 1% on most purchases and 3% on a few purchases, mainly restaurants, while that doesnt sound like a lot it really does add up. Its amazing how fast the rewards can rack up.... but it does make you realize how much money you spend. Thats why I signed on for the moneytackin service - had to get a idea of where i need to cutback.

here is a idea to get even more rewards - let your money sit in a charles schwab checking account, they pay some of the highest interest around. they also let you access any ATM for free(they reimburse you the fee the ATM charges you.) then you can use your CC to make purchases and earn reward points while your money sits in a checking account making even more money.
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