Smart credit card usage

Use your credit card like it is cash... put everything you can on it but pay it off in full every month.

This way you:
1) Have a record of what you've spent on, and;
2) Get to keep your cash for one or two months longer - you can earn a tiny bit of interest on it.
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#1     This seems in no way like a good idea. If you have the cash on hand why risk it. Why would you want to owe anyone for anything.
Inserito il 03-12-2011 14:20
#2     Actually it's not a bad idea at all. Lot of credit cards have reward programs like cash back or point for airlines and travel. If you do not overextend yourself and you spend only what you can re-pay at the end of the month you have lots of things to gain: better credit rating, higher credit lines and you get to earn points for traveling.
My favorite is AMEX Blue with cash back. I run everything through it and pay it at the end of the month. This way I rack up dollars I can use against balance at the end of the month thus saving few dollars.
The next best one is Citibank AA card which will give you points for flights or the Hilton HH one which will give you points for hotel.

You just have to be very careful and organized with your money, that's all.
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