Save on textbooks

College is expensive, but there are ways to save when it comes to textbooks.

1) Buy used. Many schools sell both new and used textbooks. Whenever possible, choose used copies. Used copies usually sell out fast, so shop for your text books as soon as you can.

2) Check online. Websites like and sell both new and used books and their prices are often much lower than the school's book store prices. Make sure to factor in shipping when you compare prices and decide where to buy.

3) Use your school library. Sometimes having a copy of your own isn't actually necessary. If you're only going to use the book for occasional reference, or if you live on campus and it's convenient for you to spend a lot of time in the library, consider using the libraries copies of the text rather than buying your own.

4) Recycle. Some college bookstores buy used books back at the year for a portion of what you paid for them. Take good care of your textbook throughout the semester and you can get a good price for your used book. If your school doesn't buy back books, consider selling them online or placing an ad campus bulletin boards to see if other students are interested.
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