Stop Getting Coffee Out

The average that one person spends on a cup of coffee at Starbuck's or an equivalent coffee shop is $5.00. This does not include any tip. $5.00 multiplied by 30 days is $150.00 a month! If you are getting 2 coffees (as my case with my girlfriend) that can add up to $300.00 a month!

The mark-up on coffee is insane! In many cases it is up to 500 percent or more!

Coffee at home averages about .10 to .50 cents a cup. Big savings!

P.S. If you do find yourself getting coffee at a shop... Try to stay away from the big corporate places. Support someone who is working hard for the money instead. :) Plus... They are usually cheaper and better.
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#1     Nice tip sloan! :-)

I mainly support the last part of your tip, if you have to getting coffe out of your home support local places, they're usually cheaper and beter
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#2     I dunno about that whole small coffee shop thing. In theory it makes sense. But I recently went to SF and met a guy who works at a Starbucks (ahhhhh!!!) and he told me about how amazing the company is to work for and how they really take care of him and what they are doing around the world. I'm not saying he right and I definately need to cup WAY down on my coffee intake all I'm saying is look into the whole CORPORATE thing before you bash it. I was suprised to hear what I did.
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#3     It's easy and inexpensive to make good coffee at home. A simple stove-top coffee maker and milk frother run less than $30 and are capable of making many of the $3.50 drinks you will find in coffee shops.
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#4     And as with everything in life it is all about balance. Just have a few more coffees at home every month and everybody wins.
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