Save on books

I am a veracious reader. A while back I decided to simplify my life and reduce the number of books in my home. I had been buying used books for years and it was like an invasion in the space they took up. Then I hurt my wrist and couldn’t hold a heavy book well.

I splurged and bought a Kindle. It was totally worth the expense! I get books for free all the time now. Sometimes I spend what a used paperback would have cost with shipping for a 300-400 page book.

I also love getting “samples”. Lots of times I have spent money on a book and within a few pages realized I would never finish it. Now with my Kindle I can get a sample first and only purchase if it is a good book.

I can get electronic books from the library on my Kindle now too.

Of course, it is less expensive to just use the local library or get books from a thrift store. Another way to save money on books is to organize a book swap with friends or people from church. My wrist problems make it hard still to hold a book so I keep to my Kindle.
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