Follow the step to save money ^^

1. Set savings goals.
2. Establish a timeframe.
3. Figure out how much you’ll have to save per week,
4. Keep a record of your expenses.
5. Trim your expenses.
6. Reassess your savings goals.
7. Make a budget
8. Stop using credit cards.
9 Open an interest-bearing savings account
10. Know where your money is
11. Pay yourself first.

- Do not go out "window shopping" with any money on you. You will only be tempted to spend money you cannot afford to lose. Only shop with a predetermined shopping list.
- Unless you're in truly desperate financial straits (like 10 seconds from eviction and your three children are starving) don't try to cut corners connected to health. Basic preventative care for yourself, your family, and your pets might cost you a $60 office visit or a $30 heartworm pill today, but the skipping it will contribute to expensive problems and heartache down the road.
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#1     Good tips. Window shopping with wallet def. a no-no!
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